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I everyday secretly want to her

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Short happiness
Every morning I will wait a crossroads 2 bus, because I worked in Thomas Sabo charm UK. She will sell steamed stuffed bun on the opposite, she is a hard working girl, even in a cold morning of winter, and we can see her busy figur thomas sabo bracelet e. I think she is a hard-working girl, she is very beautiful, simple, and the sense that gives a person is like autumn a nature. Every day I can wait secretly watch when she started her, and didn’t notice me? Until one day she with a Thomas Sabo pearl necklace went to my side, but I found I slobber is looked at her eyes immediately recover m thomas sabo onlineshop y heart to hear.Since she was a part of my life, I everyday secretly want to her and close to her and hope one day she will accept my Thomas Sabo skull ring. I want to find a chance to further contact with her; finally one day I summon up courage to buy two dishes, “stuffe thomas sabo rings d buns,” she moves to the steamed stuffed bun skillfully, I put my money to her with a Thomas Sabo charm in the money. “Dizzy, how she didn’t look me in the eye?” I took the steamed stuffed bun very frustrated to climb on the car. Night when I returned to find her wearing a pair of Thomas Sabo earrings, m thomas sabo jewelry other said she wasn’t asked me what happened? I’m embarrassed smiled airmax 2011 and said nothing. I wanted to the mother, but I want to mother a worker of Thomas Sabo wholesale shopping center, I not miss chance? Then the next day I give her the money and explain everything, she was very surprised, then smiled at me look clear said: “thank you,” airmax 2010I also told her smile and say: ” thomas sabo Sterling silverbe careful!” I turned and ran with my Thomas Sabo charm watch, but a first hit the woman next to her, airmax 2009I looked around and found she was laughing wearing Thomas Sabo penguin charm. After we laugh every day after day, my breakfast is steamednike free stuffed bun, as time went by, we gradually familiar. In my heart, but dare not crypto-currents feelings toward h thomas sabo bracelets er and buy a Thomas Sabo pink bracelet, many words to his mouth were mask back. Until one day, I got off the rainnike 3.0, she was found with an umbrella in wait for me, that I moved. The rain rinse underground, I hide her umbrella. We, standing in thomas sabo charm the rain for a long time, she asked me: “how did you forget to bring an umbrella?” I say: “I love you and take out a nike 5.0 sterling silver to her.” Her head is very shy and underground whispered, “I love you.” So we spent in love, I often help her selling steamed stuffed bun, sometimes nike 7.0 ev thomas sabo charm watches en forgot to work. One day, a day later, she said to return home, Sichuan ask me if I want to go with her and in the future we will open a nike lunar Thomas Sabo discount s thomas sabo hop. She walked in the fifth day of Sichuan was a big disaster, we chuan earthquake, her hometown in We chuan, at noon, I have no mood to go to the toilet now pretended to call her to run our Thomas Sabo charm store, but how also connection. I lied, and I didn’t sleep a night. The next day I was damaged due to Sichuan, railway, I dozen genius to her hom thomas sabo charm bracelet price etown — we chuan. Now, the dinner store has become a barber, every time I pass there I will stop to look at my Thomas Sabo charm watch, seem to also can see her hard-working to figure.http://absuper.com

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